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Think Water Filtration
1817 Westview Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3A7

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Our Company
Think Water Filtration
Canadian and privately owned, we have been providing pure drinking water systems to North Vancouver since 1990. With so many systems in the market for both business and residential customers, we have the expertise to provide, install and service any drinking water system you may desire. The quality of the products we have focused on to market is paramount to the success of Think Water Filtration.

After 20 years in this business with thousands of systems in service, we are certain we can help you in your decision-making process to purchase a quality drinking water system at the best possible price.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Mission Statement
We are committed to providing the highest quality water coolers, chillers and fountains and filtration systems available. We are also committed to providing highest quality service available. These products will be made in North American and come with a long-life expectancy. We are not interested in selling products made offshore and telling a customer in five years, "Your system is broken, irreparable and you have to buy another." Schedule your consultation with Think Water Filtration today!

Why Filtration?
Think Water Filtration
   1. Unlimited drinking water
   2. Cost (See option 4)
   3. Invoicing simplicity – Just 1 per year
   4. Security - 3 to 4 visits per year to change filters
   5. Storage - bottles = one square foot
   6. WCB - No claims vs. 42-pound bottles
   7. Environment
      * No bottle disposal
      * No five-ton truck on roads
      * No diesel being consumed

Questions You Should Ask
   1. Company History
      * How long in business?
      * Any registration?
            ex: Better Business Bureau
            ex: Water Quality Association
   2. Quality of the filtration and where are they made?
   3. Money
      * Cost to purchase system?
      * Cost to maintain for one year?
      * Cost of installation or is installation included?
      * Cost of replacement filters?
   4. Are the products proprietary?